Murcia is one of the regions with the greatest yearly number of sunny days, an average temperature of 21º C, and 250 km of shoreline over two seas: the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean.

Its environment is noted for being a land of contrasts, with high mountain natural parks, southern basins with steep landscapes, and wonderful beaches such as those of La Manga, Mazarrón and Calblanque.


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The Murcia Region is located right in the middle of the Mediterranean arch, between Valencia, Andalusia, and Castilla-La Mancha. It covers an area of 11,317 km2, ranking 9th in size among Spain’s Autonomous Regions.

Murcia, the capital, is open and dynamic, with excellent access to all other Cities on Spain’s east coast, and highly interesting commercial activity.

Its climate and the good-natured character of its people make it a cosy city, a virtue reflected in the constantly busy streets and plazas of its Old quarters, where residents and visitors chat, take walks, savor delicious "tapas", or embark on one of its many cultural routes.

Centuries of history and numerous civilizations provide the Murcia Region with a rich historical and cultural heritage, with highly representative buildings such as the Cathedral and the Casino in the capital, the Roman Theatre in Cartagena, and the medieval castles of Lorca and Mula.

Over 30 museums, 22 castles, and remains of fortresses spread across the entire land complete this region’s appeal, a land full of history and a tremendously varied artistic heritage.

Furthermore, today the Murcia Region is experiencing enormous growth, with new, modern infrastructures, while concurrently sustaining meticulous respect for the environment.

Development that endows it with a special uniqueness, resulting from a mix between tradition and modernity, and ranks it as one of the Regions with greater tourist interest, with an extensive offering of culture, leisure and services.

The Murcia Region is a privileged land, a perfect example of quality of life in the Mediterranean. Its warm, mild temperatures (with an annual average of 21º C) and low rainfall make it an oasis of well-being in any season.

The weather endows Murcia with a distinct flavour, making it a region full of life and colour, where springtime seems eternal.
A land where you and your family will be able to enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year. Murcia´s abundant clear and sunny days give the Region a highly distinctive, spectacular and warm Mediterranean light.

The Murcia Region, a rendezvous between two seas.

Outstanding beaches of soft sand, clean water and dazzling sunsets.

Known as the "Warm Coast", the Murcia Region shoreline runs just over 250 km and is shared by two seas: the Minor Sea (Mar Menor) and the Mediterranean. The landscape is peppered with breathtaking cliffs, heavenly secluded beaches of endless white sand, lively seaports and natural coves of crystal-clear waters.
Many of these areas are part of the Region´s network of Protected Natural Lands.

A noteworthy geographical feature is La Manga, a strip of coastline that encloses and separates the 170 km2 Minor Sea lagoon from the Mediterranean, connected only by channels or gorges. The Minor Seas warm waters have always been renowned for their health benefits. Areas of ecological interest are also found, such as the San Pedro del Pinatar salt flats and the Calblanque Natural Park.

Reservoirs, rivers and two natural parks make the Murcia Region a clean and highly appealing area for tourism.

The inland areas of the Murcia Region offer a very rich heritage of natural landscapes and reserves. Dreamlike places that can be enjoyed by both those seeking peace and fresh air, as well as others who wish to supplement an intensive, active tourism offering with the respite of recreational areas. Those looking to enjoy nature will find an activity that best matches their tastes: hiking trails, hill-climbing, on horseback or by foot.

We'd like to recommend two not-to-be-missed alternatives. They are the Sierra Espuña and El Valle Natural Parks, which all can enjoy, whether seeking activities or relaxation.





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